Poma = tow
LLoon = Hot Air Balloon

Join Georgie Bear and friends on an adventure in the sky riding in their Pomalloon. Georgie Bear, Freddie Raccoon, Jackie Crow, and Queso the baby dragon fly through the sky above tall...tall trees and far away seas.

Bonus Coloring Activity Book in the back.
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The adventurous characters you'll meet: Georgie Bear, Freddie Raccoon, Queso the Baby Dragon, and Jackie Crow!
Each character is named in honor of a beloved, rescued pet--not one of the same symbolic species of course! 
Let the delightful adventure begin.
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About the Author

B. Curtis Colling is an accomplished family psychologist and author of juvenile youth fantasy novella series called Evanescent, young adult, and children’s illustrated books with a history of working with emerging and reading-challenged children and youth. The Illustrated sports adventure of a hot air balloon towing a hang glider, called Pomalloon: First Flight, is a children’s story that stretches and expands vocabulary in fun rhyming poem. Teachers, parents, and grandparents will enjoy reading this children’s book--a richly illustrated, whimsical, and fun journey flying high in the sky above tall, tall trees and far away seas in their Pomalloon.


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